Thursday, February 23, 2012

FLA's Annual "Tweet About Your Work" Day

Tweet about your library work!  The Florida Library Association (FLA) would like to invite librarians in all types of jobs to be part of our Virtual Job Shadowing Project (library school students who are currently employed in libraries can also participate). Choose a day between April 2 and April 14th to tweet your daily activities using the hashtag #libjobshadowFL.  Inform potential (and current) librarians about your workday.  Users can also visit the FLA Twitter page at

Librarians have embraced the changes brought about by the internet age and we are creating new roles to become the information guides of this new century.  Sharing our daily activities will help to illuminate the depth and breadth of our profession.  We want to hear from all types of librarians, whether new or time-tested, about the roles you are creating every day.

For a list of our tweeters and the days they will participate, stop by the Virtual Job Shadowing Project Facebook page at The FLA Virtual Job Shadowing Project is coordinated by the Florida Library Association Library Personnel Recruitment Committee.  To volunteer to tweet about your workday, please contact Susan L. Smith via email: or phone (239) 598-6134.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Assessment Basics for Library Instruction - new class added

Tuesday, April 3, 2:00 - 4:00 pm

Register at 

This webinar will cover a variety of issues regarding assessment of academic library instruction, including:

  • How assessment fits into the information literacy landscape
  • How assessment is an integral part of instructional design
  • How teacher-librarians determine what types of assessments are right for their program or department
  • How to use assessment to inform decisions about instruction or instructional programs
  • How to customize assessments to fit learning objectives
Cutting through jargon and buzzwords, this webinar will give participants examples of a variety of assessments to improve their instruction on the fly. Part of the discussion will include how one evaluates assessment techniques and tools, and what is likely to work best in various academic library instruction settings.

Virtual Trainers: Susan Ariew and Drew Smith, University of South Florida

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New Vendor Discount: Vernon Library Supplies

Vendor: Vernon Library Supplies

Products: Library Supplies, Bar Code Scanners, Media Storage & Security, Labels, Shields & Protectors, Library Furniture

Contract Terms: Vernon Library Supplies, Inc. offers discounts to all libraries currently members of NEFLIN. Please note that discounts shown are based on prices listed on our website.

No minimum order required for discounts
20% on level 2 products
10% on level 1 products
(Check under “specifications” tab for level designation).

To Place Order:
Contact: Francine Kersh

The other 50 + vendor discounts can be viewed here.