Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Free Web-based Surveys

NEFLIN has renewed its subscription to TouchPollWeb, a web-based survey program that is an easy way to collect feedback from patrons, students or staff. It is 100% customizable to what you need to learn.

NEFLIN does all the programming for you and sends you the tabulated results of the completed surveys.

The software allows respondents to answer only the questions that are relevant. For example, if someone responds that they only use the library once a year, you can have them answer different questions than the person who uses the library once a week. Or, a student could answer different questions than a teacher. This branching feature utilizes skip logic to skip questions that are irrelevant, given answers to a previous question.

Each NEFLIN member receives unlimited surveys and survey responses for free.

Contact Patty to get started with your survey.

Example of Survey Screen that customers see (click Image to expand)

Example of survey tabulation you receive (click Image to expand)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Courier Delivery Update

Two items concerning the statewide courier delivery service (DLLI).

1. The annual invoice for this service will be mailed in October to all NEFLIN libraries who use this service. The cost for 2009-10 is $600 per stop. (Example: If your library gets 3 stops per week, then 3 x $600 = $1,800 which is your annual fee.)

2. This from TBLC:

The changes for the 2009-10 year have been made in the TBLC Delivery database. Please double-check your library's information listed on the website to be sure it is correct, especially the contact information: (

There are SEVERAL schedule changes, library additions, new routed addresses, and other changes on the website. To ensure timely and accurate delivery of your materials, please print all labels from the website ON-DEMAND. The only libraries that will receive Delivery service through our statewide system are those libraries on the list on our website.

Also, be aware that with as many changes as there are to go through on Thursday (October 1), this week and next week will be a bit of an adjustment period. Thank you for your patience as we transition into the new delivery schedules and the drivers' new routes.

Laura Welch
Tampa Bay Library Consortium
Delivery Coordinator
Phone: (813) 622-8252 Ext. 225

NEFLIN Annual Survey

If you haven't already, please complete the 2009 NEFLIN Annual Survey telling us of your experiences with NEFLIN training and services and providing information to help us plan the future.

The survey takes about 15 minutes to complete and will be up until Friday, October 9.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Member Library News

I had a few items this week about things different member libraries are doing. Good stuff everyone! Here goes.


Flagler College has put up their library tutorials and resources on YouTube.


St. Johns County Public Library kicked off Library Card Sign up Month by inviting patrons to come in and have their photos taken and made into READ posters. Over 110 patrons participated.

Check them out!


It was the ex-wife with the Mouse cord!

Santa Fe College Library hosted their first Mystery Night event. More than 60 students and staff attended and everyone had a great time. Grand prizes were generously donated by Bank of America and the winners all left with $25 gift certificates to Regal Cinemas. The library plans on making a tradition of this event, so look for more Library Mystery Nights in future semesters.


The following members were also awarded 2009-10 LSTA grants by the State Library of Florida. Congrats!
  • Jacksonville Public Library - Adult Literacy.
  • New River Public Library Cooperative - Tech Training.
  • St. Johns County Public Library - Library Outreach.
  • University of Florida - Digitization.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Saving you some Time

An overlooked, underappreciated, everyday task is reading your e-mail. For those who get a lot of e-mail, like myself, here is a tip that will save you many hours of time.

Question: How do I clean up the clutter in my Inbox without deleting any messages?

Answer: Any e-mail that comes from the same person or mailing list can be filtered.

Use this especially for listservs, newsletters, vendor mailings, and other things that don't require your attention right away.

Here is a list of popular e-mail and webmail applications and how to apply their filter.

Microsoft Outlook: When the e-mail you want to filter is on the screen in your Inbox...right+click and select Create Rule > check Subject Contains (or From [name]) > check Move E-mail to Folder > Select Folder > New.

WorldClient: Options > Filters > fill out New Filter section > Add Filter > Save.

Gmail: Settings > Filters > Create a New Filter, or select "Filter messages like this" when reading a message.

Yahoo! Mail: Options > Mail Filters > Add.

Hotmail: Options > More Options > Customize Your mail > Automatically sort email into folders.

The idea for this blog post, and the information on filters comes from Jessamyn West's article in the October 2009 issue of "Computers in Libraries", page 46. Check out her blog.

Marriage Proposal on Ask-A-Librarian

From the Ask-A-Librarian Blog

Everyone knows about those romantic librarians...
non-librarians are so jealous! And now the secret is out about how romance thrives in the virtual reference community!
Get the full story here.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hey! I Saw You On That Library Video! Live Online

Your library’s videos and pictures are more than just scrapbook fodder. Discover why your library should create videos and slideshows with success stories straight from other Florida libraries. Attend this expanded and updated popular online session originally presented at the 2009 Florida Library Association Conference.

Trainers: Mary C. Brown and Mary Weatherholt, Union County Public Library
Date: Tuesday, November 10
Time: 1:00 - 3:00 pm
Via NEFLIN's Web Conferencing Service. Register to receive email access instructions.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Flagler County Public Library's Passport to Revenue

When the Flagler County Public Library was hit hard with funding losses in 2007, Library Director Holly Albanese knew she had to find alternative funding sources “out of desperation.”

She found the answer “by luck” when reading about a federal library in
California that was a
Passport Application Acceptance Facility and started looking into it. It took three months just to get the application to apply to be a facility. Eventually Flagler County Public Library was chosen as a passport facility and after staff went through training they began in January 2008 and have enjoyed the rewards ever since.

The first year they made $20,000 and for FY08-09 they expect to make over $40,000. This includes revenue from offering passport photos which they began in February 2009. “In June 2009 we made $6,000,” Holly says.

“Library people make great passport agents,” Holly says, “because we’re already detailed oriented. It’s a huge responsibility acting for the Federal government.”

In recognition of this amazing turnaround, Flagler County Public Library was recently awarded the Gale Cengage Learning Financial Development Award, given to “a library organization that has exhibited meritorious achievement in carrying out a financial development project to secure new funding sources for a public or academic library.” Director Albanese and Deirdre Wright, Reference Librarian, accepted the honor at the ALA Annual Conference in Chicago in June (below), and the library was written up in the August/September of American Libraries magazine.

Upcoming Webinars

Taking Your Ideas to the Next Level: A Free Webinar

Tuesday, September 29, 2009, from 3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. EDT

Registration is not required. More information and access information is available online.

The link to this program will be available at 2:30 p.m. on September 29, 2009.

Speakers: Joan Frye Williams, George Needham

You have a terrific idea for improving your library’s service. You excitedly share this fantastic new idea, only to have your enthusiasm deflated by picky questions, managerial indifference, or passive/aggressive resistance from your colleagues.

No matter how good your ideas are, if you don’t present them in a way that can be discussed and understood by the people who can make them happen, they won’t be implemented. You’ll be left frustrated. And your community will never experience that terrific new service.

This webinar will describe techniques that prepare library staff members at any level to present new ideas effectively. Participants will learn how to:

  • Demonstrate how your idea fits in with other organizational goals and practices;
  • Improve your empathetic skills, “think with someone else’s brain,” and anticipate how ideas will be received;
  • Identify the people who can assist you in carrying your ideas to reality;
  • Face resistance squarely and overcome objections;
  • Improve presentation skills so that a good idea won’t be lost in a substandard delivery.

This webinar will be of interest to any members of the library community who wish to see their ideas move forward. The tips and techniques covered here will also be useful to those who need to coach others in how to present their ideas more effectively.


Takin’ It to the Street: Why businesses, non-profits and libraries must change how they deliver service to their markets

Wednesday, September 30, 2009, from 2:00 - 3:00 p.m. Eastern

Register here

(Note: If this time doesn’t fit your schedule, you can find this and other programs in the Library Journal archive at

Sponsored By: Serials Solutions

“I know that half my advertising works; I just don't know which half.”

This might have been acceptable to department store tycoon John Wanamaker, but businesses and libraries in today’s economy need a focused approach to marketing, one that starts with understanding the markets being served.

For years Fortune 100 companies have used sophisticated geographic information system (GIS) mapping tools and advanced database technologies to segment their markets and deliver products and services to meet specific market needs. These same powerful analytic tools that provide a detailed look at neighborhoods street-by-street are now available through libraries.

Public libraries use these tools to help small businesses and non-profit agencies find and target their markets, as well as to support the library’s own strategic, marketing, and facilities planning. Academic libraries support students, faculty, and staff working on marketing and urban planning projects or PEST (Political, Economic, Social and Technological) and SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analyses.

Join this panel of experts to learn how market segmentation can help with the three most important elements of business success: 1) finding new customers; 2) retaining current customers; and 3) locating a business.

The program will explore:

  • What is market segmentation and what is the data behind it?
  • How is market segmentation used by small businesses and non-profits to create compelling value?
  • Why and how does the use of market segmentation create compelling business decisions?


Gina Millsap, Executive Director, Topeka & Shawnee County (KS) Public Library

Alice Kavanagh, Market Segmentation Specialist, ESRI


Marc Futterman, President and CEO, CIVICTechnologies


Digital Reference Summit: Be Where Your Users Are

Wednesday, September 30, 2009, from 2:00 - 3:30 p.m. Eastern

Register here

(Note: If this time doesn’t fit your schedule, you can find this and other programs in the WebJunction archive at

After a decade of adjustment, libraries are reaffirming their role as key information providers in this digital age. Call it what you will, libraries are providing digital reference, chat reference, virtual reference, online reference, synchronous reference, and now text message reference as part of their library’s suite of services. Join us for this special 90-minute Webinar to hear the latest implications, trends, and tips in digital reference with a panel of special guests including: Stephen Francoeur, Information Services Librarian, Baruch College (NY); Susan McGlamery, 24/7 Reference Cooperative Director; and Alison Miller, Internet Public Library.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Librarian Once Protected President

Cool story about one of the Library Leadership Institute participants who used to be a secret service agent on the Presidential Detail.

Jo-Ann Glendinning was close to former President Ronald Reagan. Very close. Glendinning was a Secret Service agent from 1984 to '90 and served on the White House detail for 4 1/2 years, responsible for helping to protect Reagan and his immediate family. "I did a lot of traveling with him," she said. "He was a very personable man. If you were working and he came up to you, he introduced himself. He would say, 'And you are?' He would exchange pleasantries, and then he'd tell you a joke."

These days, Glendinning enjoys her lower-profile position as library director at the Fruitland Park Public Library. And though she has long since retired from the Secret Service, Glendinning remains close to it — her husband, James Glendinning, is assistant special agent in charge of the Secret Service's Orlando field office.

Now, she's enrolled in the Sunshine State Library Leadership Institute (SSLLI), and plans to start her master's degree in library science in a year.

More of the story from the Orlando Sentinel

Monday, September 21, 2009

NEFLIN Virtual Training in October

Are you responsible for staff training/development for your library? Would you like to ensure that your training provides results? Core Competencies are the road map to staff learning and development and provide a foundation for planning a successful staff development program. Attendees will learn:
  • How to identify and write competencies
  • How to create a staff training plan based on competencies
  • How to use competencies plan to demonstrate results from training
The session will include time for questions and answers and group discussion. Attendees will also receive a list to additional resources on planning competency based training.
Virtual Trainer: Lori Reed, Learning & Development Coordinator, Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County (NC) and Author of
Wednesday, October 7, 10:00 am - 12:00 noon

So you’d like to build a digital collection, but don’t really know where to begin. This two-hour online class will help you lay some of the basic groundwork for your first project. Topics covered include:
  • Selecting content for your first digital collection
  • File formats, metadata, and encoding schemas
  • Scanners, storage, and servers
  • Digitization workflow
  • Staff skills and training
Virtual Trainer: David Greenebaum, Lyrasis
Tuesday, October 13, 10:00 - 12:00 noon

Libraries play an essential role in the community. We know this, but it is now more important than ever to have effective library advocates to share this message in the community. Virtual Trainer: Jenny Liberatore, Lyrasis

ADVOCACY: THE MEDIA Tuesday, October 20, 2:00 - 4:00 pm
You must possess certain skills and tools to successfully use the media to promote your library and shape public opinion about libraries. This two-hour distance learning session teaches what media attention can and cannot do for your library.

ADVOCACY: PUBLIC OFFICIALS Tuesday, November 17, 2:00 - 4:00 pm
Learn how to attract your public officials' attention. This two-hour distance learning session discusses how to pinpoint your officials’ priorities, shape the message you want to communicate, and draw officials into your library to raise the visibility of your resources.

The problem of reductions in staff and budget with an increase in user ship and demand for services is affecting libraries everywhere. This webinar gives participants tools and ideas to do more with less while keeping levels of customer service high and employees focused on their tasks and goals. Participants will learn and begin to master:
  • Developing and implementing a strategy and action plan for cross functional service delivery
  • Techniques for simplifying or streamlining current organizational processes and procedures
  • Ways of maintaining and improving employee morale and respect for each other and the patrons
Virtual Trainer: Andrew Sanderbeck, People Connect Institute
Thursday, October 22, 10:00 - 11:00 am

The silver tsunami is almost here! How are you and your library responding to this shift in demographics as an impossible challenge or as a unique opportunity? This workshop will provide basic background on the topic as well as focus on how you can develop innovative and practical ways to serve the baby boomers, older adults and the elderly, now and in the future both in your library and in the community. Virtual Trainer: Allen Klieman, Lyrasis
Tuesday, October 27, 2:00 - 4:00 pm

To register for these and all NEFLIN events, see

Friday, September 18, 2009

Bookmobile Interest Group

All Bookmobile and Outreach staff are invited to attend this Interest Group discussion on any aspect of Bookmobile and Outreach services. Come share and learn from others in this important library mission. You’re invited to bring your vehicle to show it off! Free to all.

Date: Tuesday, September 29
Time: 1:00 - 4:00 pm
Location: Bradford County Public Library
456 W. Pratt Street, Starke, FL 32091
Cost: Free for all

To register see

Last Post...Pictures!

The Blog was all Annual Meeting all the time this week, so a good way to end is with some photos.

Thanks to Jae Bass of the St. Johns County Public Library for being our official photographer for the day and taking the following photos. Thanks Jae!
See the full set on NEFLIN's Flickr page.

Dawn Bostwick, Nassau County Public Library with NEFLIN Library Champion, Michael Boyle, Nassau County Board of Commissioners.

Keynote Speaker, Andrew Huse.

Chef Ronaldo during one of the cooking demonstrations.

Was there food? You do know this was a NEFLIN event, right?

Table centerpieces designed by Jeannie. Vases filled with pasta and spatulas, hand towel, and assorted cooking recipes cards. Lucky winners took these home.

Okay, all. That's a wrap (food pun!). I hope you enjoyed the event and put September 10, 2010 on your calendar for next year's meeting.

Return on your NEFLIN Investment

At the NEFLIN Annual Meeting we provided information on the libraries that received the best ROI (Return on Investment) for the past year. Here are the top results in each category.

Total ROI:
  • Alachua County Library District. $101,964 (our highest ever!)
  • Suwannee River Regional Libraries. $83,811
  • Jacksonville Public Libraries. $55,996
  • St. Johns County Public Libraries. $49,047
  • Marion County Public Libraries. $33,997

ROI by Number of Staff (FTE):
  • Union County Public Library. $3,513
  • New River Public Library Cooperative. $3,478
  • Levy County Public Library. $2,975
  • Episcopal High School. $2,151
  • Keiser College. $1,715

The average ROI for a member library this year was $13,090 which is over 14 times what a library pays in their ($900) membership dues!

Each member library receives a personalized ROI report for their library at the Annual Meeting. If you would like a copy please contact me. You can also view a sample ROI Report.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Get 'em while he's HOT

We had a wonderful keynote presentation at the Annual Meeting from Andrew Huse. Andrew works in the Special Collections Department at USF in Tampa. He spoke on "Florida's Delicious History", a history of food in Florida.

Andrew is available to speak at get him! Any audience loves to hear about, and discuss, food.

Andrew's new book "The Columbia Restaurant: Celebrating a Century of History, Culture, and Cuisine" will be available in November.

Looking Good, NEFLIN, Looking Good

Patty, Brad, and Jeannie. Your NEFLIN staff!

(We now return you to your regular program.)

Job Success @ the Library

In a typical week, how many people come to your library for help filing for unemployment, searching for a job possibility, creating a resume or preparing for an interview? The library’s role as a resource for these needs has expanded greatly, proving the adage that when times are tough libraries flourish. But are you prepared to assist those coming in for help? The Job Success @ the Library workshop addresses four critical areas of service:

The Best Career and Job Resources on the Web:
Discover the best Internet resources to help jobseekers, including an overview of Jacksonville Public Library’s Recommended Websites for Careers and Jobs.
Presenter: Greg Royce, Librarian, Reference, Main Library, Jacksonville Public Library

Learn how to set up a resume workshop with or without a computer lab, how to create a resume with tips on each section, set up email accounts, and finding new sources of information for creating resumes.
Presenter: Mark Hohnadel, Senior Librarian, Murray Hill Branch, Jacksonville Public Library

Interviewing Tips and What Employers Look For:
This section will contain information that tells you what interviewers look for when hiring employees. It will give you practical advice for landing a job including how to prepare before the interview, what to do during the interview, and how to follow-up after the interview.
Presenter: Diane Moser, Manager of Organizational Development, City of Jacksonville

One on One Job Search Assistance:
This session will provide a step-by-step guideline in developing an individualized job assistance program to public library customers. It will contain tips and strategies based on the experiences of the San Marco branch library adult reference staff implementing this current program.
Presenter: Eric Soriano, Library Associate Senior, San Marco Branch, Jacksonville Public Library

Date: Wednesday, October 28
Time: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
Location: NEFLIN

Register Today

For all NEFLIN Workshops see

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What's Cooking at NEFLIN - See for Yourself

I decided to liven up the Annual Meeting with a short video to start off the afternoon. I went to my kitchen with nothing in mind but having some fun and cooking with my family. Here is the result.

We gather here today to watch Brad cook and model that fabulous NEFLIN apron. Part 1 of 2.

Video of the now famous "funding muffin" and cutest ever sous chefs. Part 2 of 2.

Annual Meeting - Concurrent Sessions

The morning portion of the NEFLIN Annual Meeting consisted of some marvelous concurrent sessions. Here is information on each session, contact information for the speaker, and a link to their presentation.

Sol Hirsch, Director
Alachua County Library District
"The Library Partnership: A Neighborhood Resource Center"

The “Library Partnership” is a renovated storefront that includes a full-service public library complete with amenities for delivery of social services to local families. Over 25 agencies are bringing their services and programs into the Library Partnership. The creation of the center has required innovation, integration, and collaboration at all levels, among agencies forging new partnerships toward 3 shared goals: valuing children, strengthening families, and engaging the community.


Faye Roberts, Executive Director
Florida Library Association (FLA)

"Recipe for Advocacy"


Library advocacy is more important than ever as competition for funding increases at all levels. Networks of supporters saved state funding for public libraries in 2009. How can we prepare for the next challenge?


Suzi Holler, Friend of NEFLIN
Central Florida Library Cooperative (CFLC)

"Social Media in Libraries"


Social Media Examples

Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, blogs, wikis, and the like; toys for individuals or tools for businesses? Join us for a survey of what libraries are currently doing with these sites and more. Collect ideas and tips on how your library could be using social media effectively to reach audiences you are not already serving.


Be Astengo, Senior Library Manager
Alachua County Library District

"Evaluating E-Government in Libraries"


With the increased need for e-Government services, libraries everywhere are trying to find ways to meet the needs of patrons as well as making patrons aware of e-Government services. This presentation will discuss how a team of librarians visited and evaluated libraries and created a plan and training to deliver tools necessary to help libraries meet the demands of e-Government for their patrons.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

NEFLIN Library Champion Award Winner

The recipient of the 2008-09 NEFLIN Library Champion Award is Michael Boyle, Nassau Board of County Commissioners for his outstanding support of the Nassau County Public Library (NCPL).

Due to changes in state aid funding to public libraries, NCPL will receive substantially less state funding next year. Commissioner Boyle worked to make up this gap by getting the Board of Commissioners to allocate $146,000 in local funds to make up a good portion of this difference.

NEFLIN Continuing Education Awards

NEFLIN recently awarded two Continuing Education Awards at the 2009 Annual Meeting.

The Golden Apple is presented to the NEFLIN member who sends the most staff to training. For 2008-09 the winner was Alachua County Library District. Pictured with Patricia Morris of NEFLIN are Suzi Blaze, Sol Hirsch and Emily Young of Alachua County Library District.

The Making the Most of NEFLIN Continuing Education Award goes to a member who uses NEFLIN services including the training, Multimedia Lending Library, Quick Reference Guides, equipment loan, LE@D classes, etc. This year the winner is New River Public Library Cooperative. Shown below are Director Ginny Bird and the award.

Monday, September 14, 2009

NEFLIN's Leadership Interest Group

Since 2004, the Sunshine State Library Leadership Institute has been preparing tomorrow's library leaders. This informal discussion will be a reflection on what has been gained from the experiences and how participants have benefited both professionally and personally. Everyone is invited to attend, including:

  • Leadership Institute Alumni
  • Current participants
  • Mentors
  • Anyone interested in leadership issues
Date: Friday, October 9
Time: 1:00 - 4:00 pm
Location: Tower Road Library, Alachua County Library District, 3020 SW 75th Street, Gainesville, FL 32607
  • Register at:
See all NEFLIN Training Events at

2009-2010 NEFLIN Continuing Education Committee

NEFLIN is pleased to announce the members of the 2009-2010 NEFLIN Continuing Education Committee:
  • Marshelle Berry, Jacksonville Public Library
  • Jametoria Burton, Florida State College, Jacksonville
  • Betsy Ann Harris, Alachua County Public Schools
  • Lynn Jacobson, Jacksonville Public Library
  • Kathleen Moeller, University of Florida Health Sciences/Borland Library
  • Patricia Morgan, University of Florida, Chiles Legal Information Center
  • Lisa Parisi, Florida Coastal School of Law
  • Pam Picray, Duval County Public Schools
  • Bonnie Smith, University of Florida, Smathers Libraries
  • Victoria Stanton, University of North Florida
  • Amber Waters, Suwannee River Regional Library System
  • Emily Young, Alachua County Library District

Thursday, September 10, 2009

2009 NEFLIN Annual Survey

NEFLIN is collecting information that will help our services and training programs meet your every need and schedule. Please help us by completing the 2009 NEFLIN Annual Survey, telling us of your experiences with NEFLIN training and services.

The survey takes about 15 minutes to complete and will be up until Friday, October 9.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

From the Page to Your Ears

Library Journal has another interesting webinar this month (following last month's Mystery Book webinar).

Thanks to Stephanie Race for passing this on to us.

"From the Page to Your Ears: The Making and Dissemination of an Audiobook".

Tuesday, September 15, 2:00pm - 3:00pm EST.

Register here

(Note: If this time doesn’t fit your schedule, you can find this and other programs in the Library Journal archive at

How does a book make it from a printed work to a CD, Playaway, or Digital Download?

What challenges do narrators, directors, and publishers face in bringing audiobooks to fruition?

How does technology impact audiobook production and distribution?

What role do libraries play in determining which titles are made into audiobooks and what formats are available?

Get a peek into the surprisingly complex, incredibly detailed, and fiercely passionate world of audio publishing.

Featured Panelists:

  • Julia Spencer-Fleming, Award Winning Author
  • Suzanne Toren, Award Winning Narrator
  • Dan Hypes, Executive Producer, BBC Audiobooks America

Moderator: C. L. Quillen, MSLS, CPM, Coordinator of Public Services, Old Bridge Public Library

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

NEFLIN Advocacy

Now is the time that NEFLIN, and the other Florida MLCs, begin advocating for next year's state funding. As part of that effort the MLCs have developed a one-page doc that you can use on our behalf. We appreciate any assistance you can provide in getting the word out about our funding.

This year NEFLIN received $200,000 in state funds, which is the same amount we received in 1993. We need to get back to at least $300,000, so that we can provide the level of service that our library's require.

Thanks in advance!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Link Love

A little Link Love as you get ready to set up your BBQ grill and enjoy the Labor Day holiday.

Your northeast Florida Labor Day weekend forecast. Warm, humid, and partly cloudy with a chance of afternoon thunderstorms. (Though this is the same forecast every day for the past three months, I really did look this up before posting!).


Deadline for nominations for the I Love My Librarian Award is October 9. Categories include
: public librarians; school library media specialists; or college, community college, or university librarians.

Last year's winners included NEFLIN member, Iona Malanchuk, Head of the Education Library at the University of Florida.


Watch out when you Google Jessica Biel or Brad Pitt!

According to online security company McAfee Inc., fans 'Googling' the actress have a one-in-five chance of ending up at a site that can damage their computer.


See how your website fares when Google changes their search algorithm, currently dubbed "Google Caffeine". Does it show up higher or lower in the search results?


What books did President Obama take with him to read on vacation?


When does your favorite TV show premiere this fall? Plus everything you want to know about new and returning shows.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Building the Digital Branch

WebJunction is providing two free webinars this month. I especially like the first one as we can all find ways to improve the "digital experience" our users have when they come to the library's website.

Sept. 15: Building the Digital Branch for the 21st Century—David Lee King explores and expands on the process his web team used at Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library to transform their outdated website into a dynamic digital branch.

Sept. 30: Digital Reference Summit: Be Where Your Users Are—Hear the latest implications, trends and tips in digital reference with a panel of special guests including: Stephen Francoeur, Baruch College (NY); Susan McGlamery, 24/7 Reference; and Alison Miller, Internet Public Library.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Library Mashups

I don't often promote specific workshops, but we have an upcoming one for you blog reading, techie types. Nicole Engard is going to be presenting a webinar on "Library Mashups" Sept 14th from 10:00am - 11:30am. Nicole wrote the book on library mashups. Really.

Mashups are web applications that combine freely available data from various sources to create something new.

This is a very practical session on how to improve your library's website and provide interesting info to your community.
  • it's online so you don't have to wear shoes (who will know?).
  • it's free.
  • it's in NEFLIN's cozy web conferencing room.
  • what else do you need?
  • Check it out!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Trainer Andrew Sanderbeck is conducting a brief survey and the information gathered will be published and used in Webinars and workshops to help libraries of all sizes and types to continue to provide quality services to their patrons.

Click here to take Andrew's survey.

Don't miss Andrew's Live Online Classes for NEFLIN this fall:

Continuing Quality Library Services in Times of Staff Reduction
Thursday, October 22, 10:00 - 11:00 am

Efficient Email: Sending the Right Message
Friday, December 11, 2:00 - 3:00 pm

See all NEFLIN training at

New and Improved LiB

The Librarian in Black,
Sarah Houghton-Jan,
has remodeled her
Very cool.

Love the tagline
"Amazingly informed & therefore properly opinionated".

Check it out!