Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Courier Delivery Update

Two items concerning the statewide courier delivery service (DLLI).

1. The annual invoice for this service will be mailed in October to all NEFLIN libraries who use this service. The cost for 2009-10 is $600 per stop. (Example: If your library gets 3 stops per week, then 3 x $600 = $1,800 which is your annual fee.)

2. This from TBLC:

The changes for the 2009-10 year have been made in the TBLC Delivery database. Please double-check your library's information listed on the website to be sure it is correct, especially the contact information: ( http://www.tblc.org/delivery/search.new.php).

There are SEVERAL schedule changes, library additions, new routed addresses, and other changes on the website. To ensure timely and accurate delivery of your materials, please print all labels from the website ON-DEMAND. The only libraries that will receive Delivery service through our statewide system are those libraries on the list on our website.

Also, be aware that with as many changes as there are to go through on Thursday (October 1), this week and next week will be a bit of an adjustment period. Thank you for your patience as we transition into the new delivery schedules and the drivers' new routes.

Laura Welch
Tampa Bay Library Consortium
Delivery Coordinator
Phone: (813) 622-8252 Ext. 225

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