Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Librarian Once Protected President

Cool story about one of the Library Leadership Institute participants who used to be a secret service agent on the Presidential Detail.

Jo-Ann Glendinning was close to former President Ronald Reagan. Very close. Glendinning was a Secret Service agent from 1984 to '90 and served on the White House detail for 4 1/2 years, responsible for helping to protect Reagan and his immediate family. "I did a lot of traveling with him," she said. "He was a very personable man. If you were working and he came up to you, he introduced himself. He would say, 'And you are?' He would exchange pleasantries, and then he'd tell you a joke."

These days, Glendinning enjoys her lower-profile position as library director at the Fruitland Park Public Library. And though she has long since retired from the Secret Service, Glendinning remains close to it — her husband, James Glendinning, is assistant special agent in charge of the Secret Service's Orlando field office.

Now, she's enrolled in the Sunshine State Library Leadership Institute (SSLLI), and plans to start her master's degree in library science in a year.

More of the story from the Orlando Sentinel

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