Friday, September 25, 2009

Saving you some Time

An overlooked, underappreciated, everyday task is reading your e-mail. For those who get a lot of e-mail, like myself, here is a tip that will save you many hours of time.

Question: How do I clean up the clutter in my Inbox without deleting any messages?

Answer: Any e-mail that comes from the same person or mailing list can be filtered.

Use this especially for listservs, newsletters, vendor mailings, and other things that don't require your attention right away.

Here is a list of popular e-mail and webmail applications and how to apply their filter.

Microsoft Outlook: When the e-mail you want to filter is on the screen in your Inbox...right+click and select Create Rule > check Subject Contains (or From [name]) > check Move E-mail to Folder > Select Folder > New.

WorldClient: Options > Filters > fill out New Filter section > Add Filter > Save.

Gmail: Settings > Filters > Create a New Filter, or select "Filter messages like this" when reading a message.

Yahoo! Mail: Options > Mail Filters > Add.

Hotmail: Options > More Options > Customize Your mail > Automatically sort email into folders.

The idea for this blog post, and the information on filters comes from Jessamyn West's article in the October 2009 issue of "Computers in Libraries", page 46. Check out her blog.

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