Friday, September 10, 2010

Free Web-Based Surveys

NEFLIN has renewed its subscription to ZipSurvey, a web-based survey program that is an easy way to collect feedback from patrons, students or staff. It is 100% customizable to what you need to learn.

NEFLIN does all the programming for you and sends you the tabulated results of the completed surveys.

The software allows respondents to answer only the questions that are relevant. For example, if someone responds that they only use the library once a year, you can have them answer different questions than the person who uses the library once a week. Or, a student could answer different questions than a teacher. This branching feature utilizes skip logic to skip questions that are irrelevant, given answers to a previous question.

Each NEFLIN member receives unlimited surveys and survey responses for free.

Contact Patty to get started with your survey.

Example of Survey Screen that customers see (click Image to expand)

Example of survey tabulation you receive (click Image to expand)

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