Friday, November 5, 2010

Link Love

If you and your fellow staff are having trouble helping your patrons with their eBook and eReader questions, here's a resource that may help: (provided by Al Carlson at TBLC).

So we have all these ebooks and ebook readers.  Now what?  Interesting article on Creating a National Digital Library System (via Teleread).

The end of the year approaches and so do all those "Best of 2010" Lists.  Amazon has already put up these three.  (I'm obviously behind in my reading.  I have only read seven of the Editor picks. Yikes!)

I'm not sure what to make of Google TV yet, but it seems like following its progress may lead to my next big purchase.

Alachua County Library District had their Partnership Library recognized nationally by the Harvard Bright Ideas Program.  Congrats!

Through our partnership with Amazon, you have helped NEFLIN purchase a Kinect and two games Kinect games for our Equipment Loan Program.  More when we receive them.  If you haven't watched this 3 minute video about how Kinect is a huge step forward in gaming, check it out.

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