Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Be the "Library Guy or Gal" For a Day

Based on last year's winning campaign to keep Florida libraries in the state budget.


The Florida Library Association is looking for folks willing to help us maintain a positive presence in Tallahassee while the legislature is at work. The shaded areas of this calendar identify key times for the “Library Guy or Gal” to be in the Capitol.

To coordinate your effort with FLA please e-mail Charlie Parker, FLA Legislative Committee Chair, at and let him know when you are planning on being there. He can provide information about issues and where to be. Of course folks are also invited to tell the library story in the Capitol whenever you can. And groups are great – the more the better!

The schedule is based on an assumption that Mondays and Fridays are travel days with little legislative activity. It includes the Opening Day of session (March 8) and the closing day for a 60 day session (May 6). It also includes May 3rd when a 72-hour time period begins before the final appropriations bill can be taken up, passed and they can adjourn.

It is also good for the library community to have a presence at the Capitol when the House and Senate Transportation and Economic Development Appropriations (TED) Committees are meeting. We will try to keep folks informed of those dates or you can check the House and Senate Calendars at the Online Sunshine website.

Thanks to Paul Clark, the original “Library Guy” for letting us use his name and persona that he made famous!

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