Friday, April 17, 2009

Delivery Costs...Decrease!

Good news and a Friday to boot. TBLC has negotiated with the vendor for the statewide courier service (DLLI) and the costs will go down next year.

It has been a really exciting process, and I wanted to bring
you up to date with the status of our ITN for the Statewide
Delivery System. We received nine vendor bids and after
careful consideration, we have decided to stay with
Velocity Express.

A bit of trivia since many people have asked - the cost
of UPS was a minimum of 1 MILLION dollars!

With this new contract, we were able to lower the total
cost of
Delivery. We will decrease costs by $150 per stop.

As a result of the new contract, we are able to offer smaller
libraries the ability to have two days of service per week
for the cost of one, allowing us to eliminate one-day stops.
This benefits the Delivery system as a whole, as items will
have a quicker turnaround time to and from small libraries.

The pricing for October 2009 - September 30, 2010 is:

2-day stop: $600
3-day stop: $1,800
4-day stop: $2,400
5-day stop: $3,000

Additionally, we will change the following policies based
upon the Statewide Delivery Taskforce recommendations and
negotiations with the vendor starting on October 1, 2009:

- Lost Items. Delivery will no longer pay for lost items.
It will pay for damaged items or egregious loss.
- Scanning. We will discontinue the bag level scanning.
Scanning of Electronic Signatures by drivers and labels on
demand will continue.

Renewal letters will be sent to each participating library's
director reflecting these changes in May. Please contact TBLC
at (813) 622-8252 with any questions about the renewal or
Delivery in general.

Diana Silveira
Virtual Reference Manager
Tampa Bay Library Consortium
813.622.8252 ext 234
sachsd at

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