Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Vote for Better World Books

BusinessWeek has been accepting nominations for notable social entrepreneurs making a living solving social problems. Over 200 companies were initially entered, and Better World Books is proud to be one of the 25 finalists! You've got until April 26th to make them the winner. (Winners will be announced on May 2 at BusinessWeek.)

It only takes 3 clicks. Just go to this BusinessWeek page, select Better World Books and hit Submit!

What is Better World Books all about? Find out here.

Better World Books has:
  • Collected over 17 million books through active book drives at over 1,800 colleges and universities and collections from over 1,200 libraries.
  • Raised over $6 million for Global Literacy.
  • Directly sent more than 1.07 million books to Books for Africa, the National Center for family Literacy, and Feed the Children.
  • Saved over 24 million lbs. of books from landfills.
  • Reclaimed more than 680,000 lbs. of metal shelving from libraries across the U.S.
  • Over 6,000 tons of carbon offset on website sales.

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L. D. Mitchell said...

A great concept, worthy of far greater attention that it has received to date....