Friday, May 7, 2010

Mobile Link Love

I hadn't planned it, but the main links this week all regard mobile tech, thus the title of this post.


OCLC is hosting a free online symposium later this month. The Future is Mobile, Is Your Library Ready? Thursday, May 20, 1:00pm-4:00pm.


So I'm reading TV Guide this week (Yes, I know TV Guide. 15 million of us still read it weekly, thank you.) And there are a number of "mobile tags" in the issue (see above). I was intrigued.

I did some investigating and learned a little about how these tags work. The diagram below from the wikipedia is a good illustration.

Using your smart phone or Blackberry you can take a picture of a "tag" in a magazine or other print source and the tag is decoded by your phone and then takes you to a website with more information.

Some libraries have already adopted these tags (e.g., QR Codes) in the stacks or catalog. A few examples.


Google is looking to compete with Amazon and Apple by opening their Google Editions (E-Bookstore) this summer. This would be a separate program from the scanned collection in Google Books.

"The e-books would exist in a 'cloud library', which could be accessed from potentially any device, including laptops, smart phones or e-readers."


I love genealogists, but now they want my DNA? Just kidding, Arnold. I had no idea that genealogy folks were into this. Check out this program at the Clay County Public Library tomorrow if you are interested in learning more.


Those who know of my TiVo addiction must realize that May is a wild month with most TV series winding down to their season, or series, finales.

I am going to miss both Lost (6 year run) and 24 (8 year run).

Oh well, I will just have to move on and just enjoy the other quality TV programs and movies that TiVo provides me with each week!

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