Tuesday, October 5, 2010

NEFLIN Funding Muffin

Okay, so these pictures are not to scale, but hopefully the point can be made.

NEFLIN's budget was a very tasty pie for the past decade, and with 60 member libraries everyone could get a very nice slice of pie in return for their investment.  However, this year we have a muffin sized budget.  While the muffin looks like it is on steroids, it is still just a muffin.  You can imagine that trying to slice the muffin 60 times might be difficult.  NEFLIN does plan on providing its usual stellar Return on Investment (usually 5-10 times what libraries pay in membership dues), we will just have to do some things without the usual flair and fanfare.

All our services will continue.  We will also have our biennial Technology Conference in the summer of 2011, along with a series of on-site training classes throughout the region based on the popular "20 Questions" workshops with Russell Palmer of Lyrasis.  In addition, our partnership with Amazon has already allowed us to add to the NEFLIN Lending Library, and soon more items in the Equipment Loan Program.

We will continually working on ways to maximize our current funding, and seek additional revenues.  Stay tuned for further developments!

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