Tuesday, July 15, 2008

LITA's Great Debate and Top Tech Trends

I've been reading Karen Schneider's Free Range Librarian blog and really enjoying it. Her ALA Round Up referenced the LITA Great Debate - "There's No Catalog Like No Catalog" which was available as a podcast. With a title like that I had to go listen to at least a bit of it. They put together a great panel (including Karen and Stephen Abrams and moderator Roy Tennant) and it's fascinating listening. When it started with "What is the appropriate role for the library catalog, what are they good for and what aren't they good for?" I knew it would be entertaining. It's actually a very clear recording and very easy listening. (About 105 minutes)

She also referenced the LITA Tech Trends (though not so positively). This is a session that fills fast and I didn't get a seat so I was pleased to be able to hear the podcast and read various blog postings to give me a sense of what the trenders are saying. It's interesting to listen to but you have to ignore some tech interference. (About 90 minutes)

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