Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Pop-Up, Spin, Pull, Fold: Toy Books from the Baldwin Collection

You are invited to attend a special event at the University of Florida, Library East that will highlight a special exhibit from the Baldwin Collection of Historical Children's Literature collection and include a one hour hands-on workshop on making paper construction and pop-ups. The schedule includes:
  • Dedication of Historical Marker in Courtyard outside Library East
  • Lecture Presentation on "How to Build a Castle: Contemporary Pop-up Book Production with a Look at the Past" by Paper Engineer Kyle Olmon
  • Reception at Library East, 2nd Floor Lobby Exhibit Area
  • One-hour Hands-on Workshop with Kyle Olmon on "How to Make Pop-up Books." Kyle will guide the participants through the construction of a single spread pop-up that references the presentation he gives beforehand. Attendees will cut, fold and glue a full working dimensional mechanism and get a chance to show off their inner paper engineer.

Please bring white craft glue, scissors and markers/pens/drawing implements. Seating is limited. Free to NEFLIN members.

Host: Rita Smith, Curator of the Baldwin Library of Historical Children's Literature
Date: Thursday, October 2
Time: 1:00 - 4:30 pm
Location: University of Florida, Library East, Gainesville
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