Monday, September 29, 2008

What's New @ NEFLIN?

As we begin a new year and respond to the changes in our funding for 2008-09 and your needs, NEFLIN members can expect to see differences beginning Wednesday, October 1.

New services

New Projects

  • Florida Electronic Library training program will put FEL training in our public libraries and our online classroom
  • An E-Government project will assess the needs of our public libraries and provide training
  • A regional technology conference will be held in the NEFLIN region in 2009
  • 23 Things @ NEFLIN will launch in January 2009

Changes with face-to-face training

  • We’ll still provide snacks at the workshops but there might not be as many. We will continue to provide coffee, water, Coke, Diet Coke, and Sprite so if you have special beverage needs you might want to bring your own.
  • We will no longer provide certificates to everyone who attends a workshop. Upon request certificates of attendance will be emailed to attendees following the completion of the workshop.
  • The MARC of Quality training will be available at no charge to all FLIN members in the NEFLIN region.
  • Evaluations will be conducted online and will be e-mailed to workshop attendees immediately following a workshop.

To learn more about NEFLIN’s services and projects, I encourage you to attend a Virtual Open House

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