Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pulling Back the Curtain

While NEFLIN services are being used at an astonishing rate by our members, you ask what's going on these days at the worldwide headquarters of NEFLIN?

Thanks for asking!

We are concerned about state funding for NEFLIN. With the legislative session beginning, and facing a reported $3 billion gap, and NEFLIN not being in the Governor's budget, we start our trek to get funding again at the place we least like to be...zero. Our MLC Lobbyist, Dale Patchett, will once again work with the MLCs to restore our funding.

We are working behind the scenes to revamp some services. Expect in the next month to see major changes to our; web conferencing service, multimedia lending library, and vendor discounts.

Patty has just launched the schedule of classes for April - June 2010. Check out the wide variety of topics and formats. From workshops in your (or nearby) library to lots of virtual training, and even the old reliable face-to-face classes at NEFLIN.

The NEFLIN Annual Meeting has been set for Friday, September 17, 2010. The location is the lush, tropical oasis that is the Embassy Suites in Jacksonville.

Of course, I could blab on for a while, but that will do. Keep tuned to this station for future updates. Thanks for your support.

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