Friday, June 4, 2010

Link Love "Overtakes" Blog

Some love before the weekend.


Facebook Seeks to Overtake the Reference Business

I then followed the link to this section of Facebook...

As a beta tester, your job will be to ask great questions and provide great answers about your favorite topics. Economics? Skydiving? Relationships? Mexican Restaurants? It's up to you. You'll be the first person outside of Facebook to use this product. Your expert writing will be seen by tens of millions of people — including job recruiters. And we'll bring our best beta testers out to California to tour Facebook headquarters and meet the team.

Ready to get started?

Before we can give you exclusive beta access, we'd like you to submit three great sample questions and answers. We're looking for evidence that you can write clearly and authoritatively on familiar subject matter.

Here are some guidelines to follow when submitting your questions and answers:

Choose provocative questions. Write about things you know. Some examples:
  • How can I get over my fear of flying?
  • What are some fun family activities to do with two small children on the weekend?
  • What caused the U.S. stock market to crash in 2009?
  • What's the secret to throwing a great housewarming party?
  • What are the main differences between Google Chrome and Internet Explorer?
  • What are women looking for in a relationship?
  • What methods has BP tried to clean up the oil spill?
  • What should I do to prepare for the Bar exam?
  • How did The Beatles find success?


Sony says ebooks to overtake print in 5 years. I bet they have an ebook reader on the market.

Shameless NEFLIN workshop plug: Ebooks and the Impact on Library Processes


Funny Videos Overtake News in Online Viewing. 'Nuff said.


Nice series of blog posts by Cindi Trainor on Take Pictures and Tell Stories at Your Library.

(Couldn't work in "overtake" here. Sorry.)


My thoughts are overtaken by the Top Travel Destinations from Trip Advisor. The categories:


Now that Lost and 24 have ended their series runs, what TV show has overtaken them as the number one "Season Pass" on my TiVo? (Both shows that are in the running start with "B"). Stay tuned.

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