Thursday, June 12, 2008

Even Publix wants me to buy A Wii recently posted an article on videogames becoming a way to exercise. A new term has even been coined “exergaming”. A leader in exergaming is the Nintendo Wii with its remote that can mimic things like a tennis racket or golf club, and its new Wii Fit program.

This ties in with the theme for this year's NEFLIN Annual Meeting Games People Play. When we get together for the meeting on September 12 we are going to have many games available, of both the board game and video game variety. Our speaker, Helene Blowers of Learning 2.0 fame, is also going to talk about gaming in the library and overall just how to have some fun during the workday. NEFLIN is also looking into purchasing gaming equipment, like the Wii, to add to our equipment loan program.

In the meantime I will show this article to my wife and discuss the benefits of exergaming. I’ll make sure to show her how small the Wii is, and how it would fit nicely into my Christmas stocking!

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