Tuesday, August 11, 2009

E-Gov Webinar

Just finished up watching a webinar E-Government Tips, Tools and Best Practices. The State Library of Florida put this on with presenter Nancy Fredericks from Pasco County Public Library. The slides are available here, and you can request the full presentation/recording from the State Library.

Some other sites that were mentioned:
Orange County E-Gov Site (Wow!)
Pasco County E-Gov Site (Also, Wow!)

Program Description: Many government agencies are closing offices and offering services exclusively online. Because libraries provide public access computers and offer assistance to patrons seeking information, many citizens naturally turn to the library for help when accessing government information such as food stamps, unemployment compensation, and social security. However, these increasing demands burden already short-staffed libraries that are reducing their services due to budget constraints. In this workshop, library staff will learn how libraries can successfully assist citizens in accessing the government services they need.

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