Monday, August 24, 2009

Virtual Bookplates

From the August FLA News Digest.

University of Florida Libraries Now Using Virtual Bookplates

A team of three technical services librarians at the University of Florida has created and implemented a system of virtual bookplates to recognize gifts and endowments. The virtual (a.k.a. digital) bookplates include colored images and text honoring the donations and are linked within their online OPAC, making them readily visible to donors and development staff. The idea was featured on the Libology Blog.

Steve Carrico, Jason Fleming, and Betsy Simpson have created a presentation on Slideshare (14 slides) providing an overview of their process. You can see an example of an item with a Virtual Bookplate from the UF Libraries, which utilizes an 856 MARC field link to the virtual bookplate. A search box on their Donor web page gives donors (and others) an easy way to locate the donated items. Click here to see the virtual bookplate for a sample item.

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