Friday, August 7, 2009

Online Conference next week

OPAL, NEFLIN's Web Conferencing provider, is hosting a series of free webinars next week. It is their first conference of sorts called OPALescence.

I put the blurb from the closing keynote below. It will be interesting to hear what Andrew has to say about OCLC's move into the LMS arena.


Has your travel budget dried up? Still want that conference experience of fresh ideas, lively conversations, and networking with colleagues? Participate in OPALescence, a free online conference for everyone. Fantastic, nationally known speakers with interesting and informative presentations as well as "unconference" discussions spread over two days.

OPALescence 2009 is two online conferences in one...a "traditional" conference with scheduled speakers, and an unconference with facilitators where you can discuss whatever topic interests you.


Schedule of Events

August 14, 4 p.m. EST

Andrew PaceClosing Keynote: Networking Library Services: A Glimpse at the Future--Moving Library Management Services to Web-Scale

Speaker: Andrew Pace

In April, OCLC announced a strategy to create the first Web-scale, cooperative library management service, extending WorldCat Local to include delivery and circulation, print and electronic acquisitions, and license management.

This highly scalable service will allow libraries to preserve the core functionality they require to manage their collections while also creating a platform on which they can better manage and evolve library workflows. Moreover, the service-oriented architecture will allow libraries to interoperate more easily with other local business process systems.

Andrew Pace will give a summary of the effort, highlighting key milestones for the project and the opportunities for positive change in libraries.

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