Tuesday, December 22, 2009

LE@D - Self Paced Classes

Do you need training that's convenient for your schedule? Do you have an area of interest that you'd love to know more about?

NEFLIN offers LE@D - Lifelong Education @ Desktop - online continuing education courses through the University of North Texas. These high-quality, Internet-delivered, on demand, self paced CE courses provide on your desktop professional development opportunities to librarians and library staff and they're FREE as part of your NEFLIN membership.

This week's featured course:

Reaching Reluctant Readers

The term reluctant reader refers to young people who can read with some independence, but choose not to. Reluctant readers do not select books from the library easily. They may start many books, but rarely, if ever, finish one. They are not engaged with reading, they do not choose it as a leisure time activity, and they try to avoid it when it is expected of them in school or at home. There are a variety of reasons these students have a negative attitude towards reading and with some form of motivation it is possible to get the student to re-engage with the process of reading. After this tutorial, you will be able to:
  • Recognize reluctant readers
  • Enhance the library environment so that it welcomes the reluctant reader
  • Design programs that engage the reluctant reader, or those who may become reluctant readers
  • Design programs that tap teachers' knowledge about reluctant readers
  • Know resources that appeal to reluctant readers and professional resources that will offer further suggestions

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