Friday, August 29, 2008

Alachua Branch Library Teen Room - The Spot

The newly expanded Alachua Branch Library of the Alachua County Library District includes a new teen room called The Spot. Branch Manager Caryl McKellar provides this guest blog and photos to share:

"The response to The Spot has been overwhelmingly positive so far. During school hours adults use it because they enjoy using the computers and sitting in the comfy booths. After school the place is jumping with teens and pre-teens who play chess/checkers, watch movies, and enjoy music and the internet on the computers. Since The Spot is glassed in the sound is contained in the area. The sound cones over the computers focus the sound from one of the computers in each booth to the people sitting underneath. Also available are teen magazines and books. "

Thanks, Caryl. When we are in Alachua we will stop by to see your beautifully renovated library.

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