Monday, August 25, 2008

Why should I learn New Stuff?

A big part of this year's NEFLIN Annual Meeting is going to be discussing the 23 Things @ NEFLIN program to be rolled out in January.

I read a really good post on this subject that I have been saving for a while called 20 Reasons why learning emerging technologies is part of every librarian's job.


Kathyrn writes on her Librarians Matter blog about this and another related post is Why should I learn about that when I'm busy with other stuff?

"Staff concerns when learning about new technologies include:
  • their service points are too busy for them to play
  • they don’t understand how they can use new technologies in their jobs now
  • they would rather just read about them
  • they just want to be told which ones are relevant and just learn about those ones.

These people are not dumb grumps, they are usually people with busy jobs honestly expressing legitimate concerns. They are telling you where the bridge needs to be built."


If you are interested in having your staff participate in the
23 Things you will want to attend the Annual Meeting to make sure that you get the most out of this program. Hearing the creator of this program, Helene Blowers speak (twice), is worth your time all by itself.

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