Monday, June 29, 2009

Get Your Geek On

Geek the Library is a community-based public awareness campaign designed to highlight the vital role of public libraries for individuals and communities, and raise awareness about the critical funding issues they face.

The website, which uses ”geek” as a verb, encourages the public to share what they geek, and the answers range from worms to football to schooners and beyond. This public awareness campaign shows that everyone is passionate about something — yep, even worms — and that the library supports them all.

So what do YOU geek?

I first spied this on the TBLC blog last week.

Here is some info from the Geek campaign website:

"OCLC is partnering with public libraries in parts of Georgia and Iowa to launch and test this community-based public awareness campaign. A small number of additional communities will be added later this year. In early 2010, OCLC will disseminate the awareness campaign materials and messages, along with information from the pilot campaigns, in order to support libraries across the country in their own community awareness efforts."

The Geek campaign hopes to inspire a conversation about our incredible public libraries and their urgent need for increased support. We hope you tell people what you geek, how the public library supports you and your community, and that everyone in your community benefits from the services your local library provides."

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