Thursday, June 11, 2009

What do your Customers Think?

It seems like a loaded question, but we do need to know what our customers think. To help with this, NEFLIN provides free access to two different survey tools.
  1. A Touch Screen Survey Workstation can be reserved and used in any setting. We've had libraries use it at branches, take it off-site to poll non-users, creating 'voting' stations for book awards, etc. You create your own survey. Plenty of samples available.
  2. TouchPollWeb is an online survey option that allows you to provide a link to your survey from anywhere. Send out a blast email, create a link from your website, put it on bookmarks - you decide. NEFLIN staff work with you to create the survey. Survey as many people as you like at no cost to your library.
Contact us today to reserve the workstation, or start using our online surveying product.

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