Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wireless in my Car

I was reading the USAToday last night and saw a photo that reflects what I see in person a lot. On the main page of the Money section (above the fold) is a man using his laptop, while sitting in his car, outside a public library...that is closed for the day. The article "Rural Americans Long to be Linked" talks about people still waiting for the digital revolution to arrive.

I see this all the time at my local public library branch. I will be going to the drive-through book drop (which I love) at night and there will be a smattering of cars in the parking lot using the available wi-fi. Just a thought...are we capturing statistics of folks doing this?

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Melanie said...

Just this weekend we were out of town and we sat in the public library parking lot with our laptop. I thought about emailing the libary so they would know and be able to count us if they had a mechanism to count us. I know here in our library system that we don't have a way to count people unless we see them and then we have to manually change our automated computer use statistics.