Friday, July 10, 2009

2.0 for Books - Part 2

  1. Are we ready to promote eBooks for fiction? What would work here? Is this one of those events -- "Reading on your Blackberry, Treo, or iPhone" -- that will attract another market segment to the library? Is this one of those opportunities to use IM, TXT and e-mail to connect with borrowers?
  2. How about audiobooks? What crew needs these? Commuters stuck in traffic for hours might appreciate the ability to borrow and listen through their car sound systems. Can we promote this on drive to work radio and have them borrowing online by noon? Seems like a great place to promote online card registration too!
  3. Can our great storytelling folks take out-of-copyright classics and create wonderful podcasts for kids? Can we make the first library podcast stars? Seems as simple as recording a few sessions in the library and posting them online to our blogs. And YouTube a few too.
  4. Are we ready for using streaming media in a strategic way? Can we load these into our websites and promote local or bestselling authors? Syndetics already includes author interviews in our enhancement feeds. You can find many authors on YouTube and TeacherTube etc. Seems like a great way to engage people with reading to extend the book experience into author videos, reviews, critiques, etc. What books do we want to promote? If we assemble a quick link list on a blog every day we'd have hundreds in every library quickly.
  5. How about movie tie-ins with books. Many of our books have come from or inspired movies. Can you add the movie trailer from YouTube or the studio website to your promotion piece? If we did this and enticed someone to a series of books we hold (Think LOTR, Harry Potter and Trekkers and Trekkies alone!)

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