Tuesday, July 14, 2009

2.0 for Books - Part 4

#16 is not to be found. Just 4 today then. -- Brad

  1. Have you checked out MySpace Books? What are MySpace users recommending to each other? Using this as a collection development tool for teens is just a start. Can you add this sort of functionality to your library’s MySpace page? It’s where big groups of users are and they’re readers.
  2. Have you seen the new Facebook Fan pages? Are you set to experiment with a fan page for an author or book? Just start with an event and move on from there. Set up your own or use one that’s already there. What are the popular authors in your community?
  3. Of course it has become just a normal part of libraries that we have direct access to the OPAC from our MySpace and Facebook presences. This is great and certainly reinforces books as major program at the library. Since so many readers are tied to each other through social networking sites we can be part of this recommendation infrastructure.
  4. The web 2.0 trend to Software as a Service and Application Hosting environments allows for a great number of improvements to our user experience for book choices. Enhancements to book and record displays, such as those provided by Syndetics or Novelist, truly make the choices easier for the end user, and especially for the virtual end user.

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