Wednesday, July 8, 2009

ACLD All Staff Meeting

I had the pleasure yesterday of participating in an All Staff Meeting at the Alachua County Library District in Gainesville.

I did a brief recap of 23 Things @ NEFLIN and then gave out recognition items to the 57 ACLD staff who completed the program. 57 is really good, since this represented 42% of those who completed the program overall.

Some other thoughts from the meeting:
  • Sol Hirsch, Director, read about a dozen letters/postcards/e-mails from the public that expressed appreciation for specific staff or programs at the library.
  • Cindy Dorfeld-Bruckman and Paula Worthy celebrated 25 years of service with the library.
  • The "Library Partnership" branch is having their Grand Opening today at noon. More on this in the coming weeks as this looks like a model program for a public library and social service agencies to work together in a true partnership that has great potential for their community.

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