Friday, January 15, 2010

Technology of Tomorrow...Today

The 2010 Consumer Electronics Show was held last week. The hot topic...E-book readers. (Who would've thought?)

One writer explains why the e-reader market is not just about e-books (E-Reader Roundup).

"To sum up we can see that in 2010 the e-reader market is going to extend beyond basic e-books and include newspapers and magazines augmented with audio and full-color animations, video, and imagery. This will force manufactures like Amazon (Kindle) and Sony (Reader) to go beyond the monochrome E-Ink devices they have today and produce e-readers that will be competitive with the new technology of today and beyond."

Photos of the Skiff Reader

The other tech items that were hot at this year's show?

Tablet PCs and 3-D TV.

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